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Yep, we are empty nesting.  

So.  Now what?

My husband, Brian, and I asked ourselves this and wondered different things.  I had always wanted to be a mother.  That’s all.  My soul was full and happy changing diapers, running after toddlers, leading scouts, and attending school concerts and sporting events.  I anticipated a huge loss with not having these three fun-loving spirits around all the time.  One moved to Ohio, one to North Carolina, then the third to Michigan.  Sigh.  My husband simply looked forward to spending more time with me.  Just us.  Huh.  Sounds lovely, indeed!  When we married, I already had my 3 year-old son from my first marriage.  Now we can do what WE want to do.  Woo hoo!!! Commence the tomfoolery! 

This blog is something I have always wanted to do; write.  And, somehow bring focus to so many things we have been wanting to do.  Travel, work on our hobbies, garden more, discover new things, spend more time with our friends, complete projects around the house, relax.  We were well on our way.  I picked out paint colors for the bedrooms and bathrooms, planned some furniture projects, sewed a t-shirt quilt, and we started trying bourbons and new wines.  Genealogy kept me captivated for hours. And date nights are back! 

It’s been a great way to reset our vision for our lives and set new goals.  Even when one kid moved back home between jobs and school, I still feel a new energy in our home.  This is going to be fun!!