January 2018 – Calendar to Remember


Sorry this post is not on time.  I certainly hope that everyone knew how to celebrate the ringing in of the New Year with a toast of champagne.

So here we are in 2018! Let’s make it a good year and celebrate each and every day.  Here are this month’s list of days to celebrate with spirits, beer and wine.

1-Jan National Bloody Mary Day
11-Jan National Hot Toddy Day
17-Jan National Hot Buttered Rum Day
17-Jan National Bootlegger’s Day
21-Jan National Irish Coffee Week
24-Jan National Beer Can Appreciation Day
25-Jan National Irish Coffee Day
31-Jan National Brandy Alexander Day

Just a little FYI about one of the days to celebrate – –

National Beer Can Appreciation Day on January 24th, is not a day just to have another reason to drink beer.  It was January 24, 1935 when the beer can was introduced to the public.  It has been noted that the first company to can beer was the Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia and the can weighed in at 4 ounces!  The first pull tab beer can was not introduced until 28 years later by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company and their Iron City Beer.  Before then, if you wanted a can a beer, you had to open it with a church key! The pull tabs started to fade out when in 1975 the stay-tab can was introduced to reduce the environmental impact and improve safety.

I remember an old episode of Emergency! (with John Gage and Roy Desoto) where they were on a call of a woman stuck in her washing machine. The husband was laughing and drinking beer when suddenly he was the patient as he swallowed his pull tab that he stuck inside his beer can while still drinking it.  I also had friends that did this (with soda cans, not beer) but lucky for them they never swallowed the pull tab.  So lets appreciate the beer can of today – – both full and empty!

Now, a drink I think all of us love…..

How to make The Irish Coffee Cocktail

1 1⁄2 oz Irish whiskey
1 oz Brown sugar syrup (1:1 brown sugar to water, heated until dissolved)
Hot brewed coffee

Filling a mug with hot water, let sit for 2 minutes, then discard the water.Add the whiskey and syrup to the mug, and fill with the coffee.

Top with an inch of unsweetened lightly whipped cream.


Enjoy the month’s celebrations, drink responsibly, and may you have a healthy and prosperous 2018!

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